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this store features game entertainment

regarding QWOP coins
you must convert your money to QWOP coin at our in-store bank to purchase products
How can Americans be rich when America is in #debt? The US dollar has no intrinsic value because it is a #fiatcurrency. Since the dissolution of silver coins and the gold standard, America lost its AAA credit rating, China switched to gold backed oil futures, and now Russia has been accused of rigging the election... anything that reduces trust of the US government erodes the fiat value of the US dollar.

QWOP coins are the perfect currency in today’s crazy world!
QWOP coins are Fungible!
QWOP coins are easily recognizable as precious 90% silver due to the numismatic origin.
QWOP coins are durable and easily transportable.
QWOP coins can be cut for micro transactions or melted together without ruining the value.
QWOP coins intrinsic value can be easily calculated by multiplying the face value by a qwopiplier (about $12 paper dollars to $1 silver qwop coin depending)
QWOP coins can be sold to silver dealers or chemical assayer for refinement.

To get your hands on them, please join us at Store 2.0 opening Nov 10 at Babycastles Art Gallery. All transactions will be in silver QWOP coin!

- Dr. Clement Shimizu, Ph.D.
Frank DeMarco
Game Design
Blake Andrews
Audrey Maginley
Joel Jordan
Ben Sironko
Sound Engineering
Anton Marek
Clement Shimizu
Josie Brechner
Izabelle New
Yuxin Gao
Xin Jiang
Systems Engineering
Sine Morris
Richard Adem
Otis Denner-Kenny
Public Relations
Katrina Allick
Flan Falacci
Sam Bellamy
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